A guide to understanding personality

by the creator of EnneaApp

Enneagram Patterns and Poetics is a weaving between the sacred and the pragmatic. The aim is not only to bring awareness to the particular patterns of the system, but also to hold a reverence for the personal and transpersonal nature of self-discovery. This book can serve as a complete Enneagram overview, as reference material or as part of a contemplative reading practice.


A Complete Overview...

an exploration of the fundamental concepts that comprise the Enneagram system of personality.

How the system works...

how the different aspects of
personality work together
and in service of the whole.

Awareness & Exploration...

designed toward an intuitive and experiential understanding of the
nine personality archetypes.



Understand the core patterns
behind our most essential
systems of survival.



Explore the fundamental ways of processing and working with the information that is all around.

The Nine Types

Uncover the key aspects of the personality strategies, including how they are all interconnected. 


Zoom out to the bigger picture; personality occurs amidst and alongside the various facets of life.

The Details

Identify the defining characteristics of the patterns and personalities
of the Enneagram system.


Connect with your sense of the transpersonal; contact the space that
is beyond the personality.



I can't say enough good things about this book. I found the cross genre approach to the book super useful for me.  It has a perfect mix of visual guides, creative expressions of each type, plus practical descriptions.  I felt like both my right brain and left brain were satiated!   I understand the types much more than before and have a clarification of how all the 9 types work together as well.  The book is designed in such a unique way and if you are interested in the Enneagram at all you need to own this book!

"I loved this book! After learning about the Enneagram from websites, other books and apps, I find this book to be a refreshing new way to learn about the types and the Enneagram system overall. The format made me delve deeper into my understanding of each type, and it allowed me to approach concepts I thought I already understood, from a different and entertaining perspective. Definitely worth a read if you love the Enneagram!"

“Elan BenAmi has provided a gift through writing this book. Reading through Enneagram Patterns & Poetics was much like entering into a dream. The poetic structure lent itself to being carried away by the content—and while being swept away by it—my mind and heart ventured to many places...I will continue to digest its many potential meanings, and will carry it forward into my waking life as a portal and compass to deepening experience.”

"This book really captures the essence of each Enneagram type. For those with a basic understanding of the types, it provides profound insight in an elegant way. It is broken down with images and narration that I believe could provide benefit to even those new to the Enneagram. The images really helped in deepening my understanding of certain concepts. Overall, I will go back to this book as a point of reference, and for those contemplative moments it provided. A great resource for those who love the Enneagram and poetry."

"Simple and straightforward yet comprehensive, this is a wonderful guide for understanding Enneagram. As a relative newbie to the enneagram, this book has been a great reference for the basics and the deeper enneagram patterns I’ve been looking for. Highly recommend."

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